ZKTeco ZKC0508

  • A standard metallic cash drawer with enough space for placing bills, cash and coins having candid locking system.
  • 4 spaces for bills, 8 for coins, 1 for checks.
  • 3-position lock.
  • Metallic money holder.

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    Basic Specs

    Model Name – ZKC0508-12 / ZKC0508-24
    Type – With 4 spaces for bills, 8 for coins.
    Check Slot – 1 Check Slots
    Lock – 3-position lock.
    Dimensions – 410mm (W) x 420mm (L) x 100mm (H) (Not counting feet, rubber)
    Material – Housing made of cold-pressed steel sheet and drawer, made of ABS plastic.
    Pulse Amplitude – 12VDS / 24VDS
    Money Clip – Standard Wire Clip
    Gross weight – 6.5Kg
    Net Weight – 6.0Kg
    DC – 12V 24V DC
    Interface – RJ11 (Direct connection to Ticket Printer and Cashier Interface 12V or 24V)
    Color – Black