Access control systems are an important part of a general security program designed to reduce unlawful activities and violations of an organization’s security policies. But it is important to remember that it is only a part.
Access control systems come with several means of operation and scope from a single door to many thousands of doors or alarms around the world. At the small end of the access control field is the single door keypad at which a person enters a code that is mechanically or electronically verified. Most access control systems use a card-based credential, which is swiped or presented to an electronic reader to gain access. These systems can be used across just a few doors to many thousands of doors and sensors connected via the company’s computer network.
The most secure access control systems utilize a biometric authentication process. Biometrics necessitates using something that is part of the person for verification of identity, such as fingerprints, hand geometry, vein pattern recognition, voice print, and iris recognition. Biometrics can be used as the solitary means of verification, but are frequently used in conjunction with a card reader.

  • Fingerprint Identi¬fication Terminals
  • RFID Identi¬fication Terminals
  • Multi-Biometric Identi¬fication Terminals
  • Body Temperature and Mask Detection Terminals with Facial recognition
  • Entrance Control
    o Flap Barrier
    o Tripod Turnstile
    o Swing Barrier Turnstiles
    o Flap Barrier Turnstile
    o Full Height Turnstile
  • Security Inspection
    o Walk Through Metal Detector
    o Handheld Metal Detector

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