Va Marijuanas Legalized Details

Virginia`s HB 2312 and SB 1406 (which are identical) will replace cannabis prohibition with a system of cannabis legalization, taxation and regulation for adults 21 years of age and older. The legislation also includes automatic sealing of minor cannabis-related offenses, introduces a social justice program to encourage participation in the legal cannabis industry for those most affected by the war on cannabis, and dedicates 30% of tax revenue to a cannabis equity reinvestment fund. HB 2312/SB 1406 passed the House of Representatives and Senate in the final vote on February 27. 2021. Governor Ralph Northam demanded changes from the legislature, which voted to approve it on April 7. Many, but not all, provisions of the law require a second legislative vote in 2022 or a “re-enactment”. The provisions legalizing the possession and cultivation of cannabis on 1. July 2021 will not require a reconstitution, nor will penalties for minors in possession of cannabis and provisions allowing regulatory work to begin. The provisions initiating the regulatory process and legalizing the sale from January 1, 2024 also do not need to be re-enacted. Most of the new penalties — such as for importing cannabis into Virginia — require realignment, as do the regulatory details. “It`s because some activists want to legalize marijuana,” said Del. Chris Head, R-Botetourt.

“And they want it legalized now, the consequences are damned.” With recreational marijuana use recently legalized, Virginia`s attorney general is looking for candidates interested in becoming the state`s first cannabis advocate. “Virginia legalized marijuana in retail through legislation through the budget, we`re just going to call it `hemp,`” Delegate Dawn Adams, who spoke out against colloquial language, told Virginia NORML. “All tetrahydrocannabinols — not just delta-9-THC, but also delta-8-THC and other synthetic compounds — will be legal in Virginia with Governor Youngkin`s pen stroke as long as it`s called `hemp,`” Dr. Youngkin added. Adams, a nurse with extensive expertise in cannabis medicine. The Democrats who pushed the legislation through the General Assembly have focused on a regulatory agenda that will target licenses granted to minority communities facing disproportionate enforcement of drug laws during prohibition, though those details won`t be completed until next year. Following the 2019 Virginia election, in which Democrats took control of both houses of the General Assembly, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring called for the legalization of cannabis; He has planned a cannabis summit in December 2019 to discuss issues of marijuana decriminalization, social justice, regulation of CBD and hemp products, and pathways to legalization through legislative efforts. [31] [32] A majority of the Virginia legislature voted on April 7, 2021 to approve amendments to Senate Bill 1406 | House Bill 2312, which legalized personal marijuana cultivation on July 1, 2021. The legal provisions allow people aged 21 and over to grow up to four plants per household in their main residence. The law requires that no marijuana plant be visible from a public road without the use of aircraft, binoculars or other optical aids, and that precautions be taken to prevent unauthorized access by anyone under the age of 21. A legible label must be affixed to each plant containing the name, driver`s licence or identification number of the person and a statement that the marijuana plant is grown for personal use. Cannabis in Virginia is legal for both medical and recreational purposes.

The first medical marijuana dispensary opened in August 2020[1] and adult recreational use was legalized in July 2021. [2] [3] On March 25, after still not signing the bill, Northam indicated that he was in favour of such a change in the implementation date; He then sent 31. An amended version of the bill was sent back to the Virginia Assembly. [57] On April 7, the Legislative Assembly passed the changes recommended by the Governor in a one-day session. [58] [59] Both houses of the Legislative Assembly (including Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax`s tie in the Senate) approved the governor`s entire recommendation verbatim; [2] [6] Accordingly, pursuant to Article V, Section 6, subsections (b)(iii) and (c)(iii) of the Virginia Constitution, the bill went into effect on July 1, 2021. [60] The law legalized adult recreational use, where adults 21 years of age and older can possess 1 ounce (28 g) or less of marijuana, and also allows the cultivation of up to four cannabis plants per household. [61] [2] [62] Retail sales and the opening of recreational cannabis dispensaries will begin on January 1, 2024. [63] [64] As originally proposed, Virginia would have become the second state (after Illinois) to simultaneously legalize the possession and retail sale of marijuana; Other states have legalized possession before the start of state-licensed sales. Instead, supporters have successfully pressured Northam to change the legislation to legalize possession on July 1, 2021, arguing that delaying the legalization date perpetuates injustice.

[56] In 2021, Virginia became the first state in the South and the 17th in the country to legalize cannabis for adults! Adults can now legally possess and share up to one ounce of cannabis and grow up to four cannabis plants at their primary residence. You can view our full summary of the law here. Other aspects of the law – such as details on establishing a regulated cannabis market – will not come into force until 2024. Although a bill – SB 391 – was introduced that would have accelerated legal sales by existing medical cannabis operators, the bill was defeated by a House subcommittee by a vote of 5 to 3. The legislature adjourned its 2022 regular session on March 12. Last Thursday, we reported on the historic day Virginia legalized recreational marijuana use. While this affects the daily lives of many Virginians, there is also a new effort behind criminal justice reform.