Under 18 Driving Laws Pakistan

1 The apprentice ticket for motorcycle / motor vehicle / LTV / HTV / PSV / Tractor (agriculture) is valid for six months, but the candidate may sit for the practical driving test after 42 days. After checking their CRI against the National Documentation and Registration Authority (NADRA) database, the applicant undergoes a medical examination to determine vision, hearing, blood preservation or “any other harmful disease”. Following the medical examination, the applicant shall provide information about his/her personal data, including address, telephone number, email address, blood type and, where applicable, passport number, as well as details of his/her previous driving licences. The applicant must also provide the required documents mentioned above. The applicant must then provide an electronic thumbprint and an electronic signature. The applicant is also photographed. You will then have to take a theoretical exam on road signs and traffic rules. After a 42-day study period, which is awarded to the candidate with a passing grade in the knowledge test, a “new candidate” must pass both practical driving tests in order to obtain a driver`s licence. This 42-day learning period does not apply to license conversions. If the candidate fails the theory or practical exam, he or she may retake the failed exam after 14 days. If the applicant passes three test attempts, the applicant must repeat the entire application process (ibid.). On the orders of the Sindh High Court, the traffic police launched a campaign against underage drivers and their legal guardians.

Please look around your homes, streets, family and social environment. Please take a step for the safety of our children and others. I have seen that parents are sometimes happy when their minor child is driving, but this action can result in the death of another child or breadwinner. Being a parent myself, I am also proud of my children`s accomplishments, but some things require a reasonable amount of time and age. Parents/guardians should advise against this activity completely, whether or not they are sitting next to them in the car. That`s a BIG NO!. According to a statement issued Wednesday, underage children who drive cars, motorcycles or rickshaws will be punished and their vehicles confiscated. These vehicles are released only after payment of a fine and verification of registration documents, CNIC, driver`s license and other required documents. In addition, guardians, parents or owners of these vehicles should provide an affidavit confirming that the child is not permitted to drive on the roads. I do not want to judge here, but unfortunately this problem occurs in the educated and better class of society.

I can bet if you`re in front of a school, you`ll see a lot of these kids driving their cars with the driver sitting in the back seat or passenger seat. Well, I even saw parents sitting next to them. In the event of an accident, these parents try to either exert their influence or pay money and get by very easily. What do we teach our children with such actions? In case of violation, parents should be sent to jail and be subject to a hefty fine and confiscation of their vehicles/bicycles. A document on the Sindh Police website outlining standard operating procedures for the “Electronic Driver`s Licence System” states that in order to obtain a learner`s driver`s licence, an applicant provides two copies of recent photographs and a copy of a valid CNIC with the original (Sindh Police n.d.). The procedure for obtaining a learner`s driver`s licence consists of completing the application forms and medical forms available at the front desk, obtaining a receipt for PKR 100 [approximately C$1.25] for medical expenses, and “going before a doctor to obtain a medical certificate” (ibid.). Once the applicant has been declared suitable, he pays the required fee and “goes to the snapshot counter” (ibid.). According to a fee schedule published on the Sindh Police website, the cost of a learner`s driver`s licence is PKR 100 (ibid. n.d.). After passing the exam, the person can obtain the computerized driver`s license, which is valid for 5 years or 3 years, depending on the candidate`s wishes. The case was heard by Judge Ali Akbar Qureshi on Wednesday.

He noted that minor children are not allowed to drive a vehicle, be it a car, motorcycle or rickshaw, and blamed parents for possible non-compliance. He said that if a violation is reported, parents or guardians will be punished and sent behind bars. In his remarks, only one bank, consisting of Judge Aftab Ahmed Gorar, said action should be taken against parents and guardians who allow underage children to drive on the city`s busy streets. All over the world, there is a certain age limit to get a driver`s license and we have the same laws in Pakistan. Nevertheless, unfortunately, it is so blatantly violated, and we encounter underage drivers and drivers every other day without punitive measures. The driving of minors has caused numerous accidents that have had serious consequences and, in some cases, deaths. Underage drivers pose a danger to the public and a serious threat to their own lives. In addition to cars, there is a vast majority of children who ride motorcycles and, in some cases, rickshaws/ching-chees. The problem with underage drivers is not just breaking the law. It is also true that a theoretical test followed by a traineeship must be passed before a driving licence can be issued. Underage drivers obviously took neither, and may be completely incompetent or ignorant of traffic and traffic rules.

Such life-threatening violations of the law can be prevented in two ways. First, a method must be developed and strictly enforced to punish underage drivers, and traffic officers must remain vigilant. Second, and most importantly, parents and guardians of minor children must teach them respect for the law and make them aware of the dangers of driving without proper qualifications. Minor children do not own the vehicles they drive. One wonders why their families allow them to put themselves and others at risk. Most children who ride scooters can be traced back to the police. The Lahore Supreme Court has imposed stricter measures to prohibit the conduct of minors. The decision was made following a petition to the court by a citizen.

The court`s decision of 13 September 2018 states that in case of violation, the parents will be punished. The National Database and Registration Authority has developed an RFID-based driver`s license that contains the licensee`s unique personal information and stores data on traffic violations and pending tickets/penalties. The data is stored in two halves of the chip. Half of it contains the licensee`s personal data and cannot be changed or modified. The second half is rewritable, where the history of violations can be recorded. At the end of the day, breach data is transferred from the police officer`s mobile device to the local police station, which is then transmitted to the central server (at district/state level) via a secure channel that ensures data security and integrity. The e-Driver`s Licene system is designed to automatically revoke driving rights in the event of a traffic violation. Comprehensive data on infringements are stored electronically and made available to the authorities.

The electronic driving licence also allows authorities to provide additional benefits and services. The RFID driver`s license improves identity verification, privacy and road safety. Many underage drivers ignore rules such as safety or road discipline. So easier to recognize. In addition, they will continue to check drivers for driver`s license and CNIC. Anyone who is at least 18 years old can apply for a driver`s licence. The applicant must be able to present his identity card and read a license plate at a distance of 20.5 meters (65`). Driving minors poses a danger not only to other people on the road, but also to the children themselves.

It leads to many road accidents and the loss of many lives. Enforcement of transport laws in Pakistan has traditionally proved difficult. The challenges range from illiterates who don`t know the rules to others who are practically above the law. Low wages and political interference have led to widespread corruption within the traffic police. The transformation of traffic policing in Lahore and Islamabad, with changes such as pay rises and increased departmental autonomy, has borne fruit. Strict policing can significantly improve traffic patterns, as has been proven in many areas, by wearing motorcycle helmets and discouraging motorists from talking on the phone while driving. However, one important problem that still needs to be solved is that of underage drivers. The minimum legal age for obtaining a temporary learner`s licence is 18 years. Nevertheless, minor children, mainly boys, often drive cars, jeeps and motorcycles on public roads.