Uber Canada Legal Department

To accept a tariff, some apps require drivers to tap on their phone screen, usually within 15 seconds of receiving a notification, which is illegal in some jurisdictions as it can lead to distracted driving. [120] In the United States, drivers have no control over the rates they charge; The lawsuits claim it is an illegal restriction on trade that violates the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. [128] [129] The ride-sharing companies argued that they only connect passengers and drivers, set terms of service and charge fares. Uber was able to arbitrate Meyer v. Uber Techs., Inc., an alleged price-fixing lawsuit. [130] [131] In June 2019, Chief Operating Officer Barney Harford and General Manager Rebecca Messina resigned. [54] [55] In July 2019, the marketing department was reduced by a third, with 400 employees laid off and ongoing losses. [56] [57] The hiring of engineers has been frozen. [58] In early September 2019, Uber laid off another 435 employees, including 265 from the engineering team and another 170 from the product team.

[59] [60] In March 2017, a New York Times investigation found that Uber had developed a software tool called “Greyball” to avoid taking well-known law enforcement officials to areas where its service was illegal, such as Portland, Oregon, Australia, South Korea, and China. The tool identified government officials using geofencing, credit card database mining, device identification, and social media research. [140] [141] [142] Although Uber initially stated that it only used the tool to identify riders who violated its terms of service, after investigations by Portland, Oregon,[143][144][145] and the U.S. Department of Justice,[146][147][148] Uber admitted to using the tool to circumvent local regulations and promised not to use it for that purpose. [149] [150] The use of Greyball in London has was cited by Transport for London as one of the reasons for its decision not to renew Uber`s private rental license in September 2017. [151] [152] [153] In April 2021, the Amsterdam Court ruled that Uber must reinstate and compensate six drivers who were allegedly automatically fired solely on the basis of algorithms, in violation of Article 22 of the GDPR, which refers to automated decisions that result in “legal or significant effects.” Uber challenged the decision, saying it had no knowledge of the case and that the judgment was rendered by default without the company ever being informed; However, the decision was upheld. [234] In February 2010, Ryan Graves became the first Uber employee to obtain the position by responding to a message on Twitter. Graves started as a managing director and was named CEO shortly after launch. In December 2010, Kalanick succeeded Graves as CEO.

[17] [18] [19] [20] Graves became Chief Operating Officer (COO). [21] In 2019, Graves owned 31.9 million shares. [22] In October 2019, Uber launched Uber Works to connect workers who wanted temporary jobs with companies. The app was initially only available in Chicago and was expanded to Miami in December 2019. [102] [103] Service was discontinued in May 2020. [67] Carpooling has been criticized for providing inadequate accessibility measures for people with disabilities, in violation of local laws. In January 2020, Uber acquired Careem for $3.1 billion. [61] [62] [63] In some areas, car rental companies are required by law to operate a number of wheelchair accessible vans (WAVs). However, most drivers do not own WAVs, making it difficult to comply with laws. [132] A November 2017 announcement revealed that in 2016, a separate data breach exposed the personal data of 600,000 drivers and 57 million customers. This data included names, email addresses, phone numbers, and driver`s license information. The hackers used employee usernames and passwords compromised in previous breaches (a “credential stuffing” method) to gain access to a private GitHub repository used by Uber developers.

The attackers found credentials for the company`s Amazon Web Services data store in repository files and were able to access user and pilot account records, as well as other data contained in more than 100 Amazon S3 buckets. In October 2019, Uber, in partnership with HeliFlight, offered 8-minute helicopter flights between Manhattan and John F. Kennedy International Airport for $200 to $225 per passenger. [97] [98] While ride-sharing companies require drivers to carry service animals, drivers have been criticized for refusing to transport service animals, which in the U.S. violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.