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If the officer is legally responsible for the student`s care, he or she must request the link as a parent or guardian. If your loved one wants the agent to manage their bank accounts, he or she should receive the authorization form and signature record from the bank. If you grant your agent access to the bank account, it is not the same as if they appear as a co-owner of the account. The agent may withdraw funds only for the benefit of the principal, and the money remaining in the account will form part of the principal`s estate. The legal guardian is the person responsible for the care of a minor or a person with a judicial disability. Remember that the agent does not own any of the principal`s property; It shall have the power to take decisions on these matters only if the contracting authority is unable to do so. Because he will be our representative, elected by ourselves, when we can no longer act legally and look after ourselves and our lambs, which will save us the inconvenience and cost of a legal process of incapacity. Therefore, the guardian takes over the legal representation of a person who cannot support himself under judicial supervision. If your loved one loses decision-making power without preparing a power of attorney, their family may have to resort to lengthy and costly legal procedures simply to appoint a guardian or guardian to make the decisions. Anticipate the tasks that the agent can and cannot perform, and in particular, whether he needs court approval to sell or pledge our assets. All powers of attorney expire upon the client`s death. From that point on, the agent cannot make any decisions on your behalf.

It allows a Chilean or foreign person over the age of 18, who is not the mother, father, grandmother or grandfather of a student, to apply to the Ministry of Education (Mineduc) to put him or her in touch with the minor under the guise of a simple or legal guardian in order to apply for the School Admission System (SAE). The contracting authority shall also decide from when and until when the trustee may exercise the powers conferred. Depending on the circumstances, the client may choose one of the following powers of attorney: a conventional power of attorney, a conditional power of attorney or a standing power of attorney. The person responsible for the care of a minor or a disabled person with judicial status and property in the absence of the parents is called a legal guardian. A power of attorney can be revoked or revoked at any time, either by tearing, writing and signing a new power of attorney, or by stating in writing that you wish to revoke it. In case of withdrawal, you must inform the agent. Finally, if the ward`s property permits, the tutor is entitled to remuneration determined by a judge according to a certain number of circumstances (work to be done, value of the property, etc.). As a rule, the guardian has the following functions or duties: The guardian can be any natural or legal person of full age who fully exercises his civil rights. On the other hand, a person is not fit to be a legal guardian if he or she has a criminal record, if he or she has a bad relationship with the ward, if he or she is a minor or legally incapacitated, or if he or she has already been deprived of another guardianship or parental authority. Documents to be submitted by simple guardians: The school head decides to what extent he wishes to delegate responsibility to the representative.

It can give you a number of powers, such as accessing bank accounts, signing tax returns, selling shares and managing real estate, or limiting your powers to a single transaction. The staff member should be appointed on the basis of his foreseeable needs. A legal guardian is the person responsible for the custody of another minor or a legally incapable person (in the absence of parents or not under their parental authority) and their property, i.e. he will perform the functions corresponding to guardianship. If you have any questions, you can contact us at the numbers below or by e-mail (legal@legalgentgran.com). If your loved one asks you to be their proxy, sit down with them, familiar with their current financial situation: bank accounts, loans, credit card accounts, investments and insurance policies, among others. Your loved one can continue to manage their finances even after signing a power of attorney, but if they lose the ability to make decisions, the power of attorney comes into play. How to choose a proxy Your loved one should choose someone they fully trust to manage their finances, someone who can take on this responsibility.