Are Ar 15 Legal in Rhode Island

However, the RI police do not enforce these federal regulations. They follow the RIGL, which defines and regulates weapons differently. Some weapons that require NFA stamps are legal in the IR, others are not. It does not “make sense” to give up our constitutionally guaranteed right to protect our lives and those we love with a legally owned firearm in exchange for the patently false claim that a ban will make us safer. From what I understand, if the barrel is less than 16,” then it`s an AR gun. If you maintain the vertical grip on it, then it is illegal as it is then considered an SBR and the RI does not allow NFA tax stamps. The suspect in the deadly Parkland shooting legally bought his gun. June 2018 – An illegally modified and fully automated AR-15 was among 12 firearms seized in West Greenwich during a state police investigation. It`s just one of hundreds of times a day — according to one study, thousands — that legally owned firearms are used by individuals to protect themselves. The fact is that many people who commit crimes with these weapons have been able to buy them legally or have access to a legally purchased gun, including two of the most spectacular gun massacres in U.S. history: “It will be more of a breach for the good guy who legally owns them,” he said. “You will not take them out of the hands of those who should not possess them.” Those who already own magazines or high-capacity weapons have 180 days to permanently change them in order to comply with the law, hand them over to the police or sell them to buyers in places where they remain legal.

Law enforcement and military personnel are exempt. “It`s a problem that I think every elected official really needs to take under their wing and solve now,” Knight said. “Because at the end of the day, people die.” The constitutionality of these age limitation measures remains in question. A blanket ban on California gun purchases for adults under the age of 21 was struck down by a federal appeals court earlier this year. The State may appeal against this decision. Permits issued by local authorities and the Attorney General`s Office apply to secret transportation throughout the state. As with the purchase of alcohol, the legislator takes into account the limits of firearms for persons under 21 years of age. But it`s not a rifle because it`s not meant to be shot from the shoulder because of the pistol`s strut, but I see that there`s no mention of that in the ri state laws.

In fact – the rifle does not seem to be defined at all, only the pistol. Non-resident permits can be issued by both the Attorney General`s Office and local authorities in a city at 11-47-11, but many places refuse to issue someone who does not live in their city or municipality and instead refer them to the Attorney General in violation of state law. Source: 2020 RI Statewide Poll on Gun Safety and Gun Violence Prevention (13) The “pistol” includes any pistol or revolver and shotgun, rifle or similar weapon with a total length of less than twenty-six inches (26) ⇒ Connecticut ⇒ Massachusetts ⇒ New York ⇒ New Jersey The laws of the IR are less ambiguous than the federal law. What you have is defined as a sawn rifle under Ri Act 11-47-2: May 2018 – West Warwick Police discovered an AR-15 with a high-capacity magazine during a drug raid. February 2022 – Providence police fought with heavily armed men who fired “hundreds of shots” after hours of fighting. However, the “should” nature of the applicable law is confusing, stating that the applicant “should have good reason to fear harm to his or her person or property or to have another valid reason for carrying a pistol or revolver”. Some local police chiefs disregard the “other cause” clause and require a letter of need. Most local police chiefs also use the GA app (which requires a need) and so bosses simply follow suit. These cities are known to require additional requirements that are not included in state law, such as attending a firearms safety course, acquiring notarized letters of reference, and requalification with the caliber you want to wear at each renewal. However, state law requires an applicant to pass a capability test with the Army`s target L at 25 yards, either certified by an NRA-certified police officer or instructor. [6] [7] In most cases, the Attorney General will not grant approval unless the proven need is extremely convincing (end of work, threat to one`s own life, etc.). In the event of rejection, candidates have the opportunity to appeal, which requires an interview with employees of the Criminal Investigation Bureau.

This often leads to the granting of a limited permit, often for use in the target area. However, state law does not give the GA the power to grant limited permits, and state law expressly states that carrying a firearm in a target area does not require a permit. Email or call Governor Raimondo ( and AG Neronha ( to withdraw their senseless AR ban law and tell your senator and representative not to support the bill. Your name and contact information can be found on February 2022 – Burrillville`s men`s arsenal of 211 firearms included many military-style assault weapons. Rhode Island has a moderately strong castle law[9] that is limited to the interior of an apartment, with no obligation to withdraw. Some lawmakers had tried to exempt from the ban high-capacity magazines that Rhode Islanders already own, but the proposal failed. The state`s Republican Party said the ban would turn law-abiding citizens into criminals. “Sawed-off rifle” means any rifle with a total length of less than twenty-six inches (26) or a barrel length of less than sixteen inches (16). A speaker of the House of Representatives, Nicholas Mattiello, said the president could not comment on a bill he had not yet seen. Governor Raimondo supports the bill.

Source: Rampage Nation – Protecting America from Mass Shootings August 2019 – Lincoln police seized an assault weapon as well as two handguns during an anti-drug raid. Weekly newsletter – our best coverage and original analysis every Monday. March 2018 – Smithfield police seized an AR-15 along with three other firearms, 8 high-capacity magazines and 2,000 rounds of ammunition while searching a home that had been monitored for selling drugs. The ban on AR firearms will deprive people of one of the most popular rifles for home defense. Firearms are used in less than 2% of all homicides, so a ban won`t do much to reduce the murder rate. Gunmen under the age of 21 have carried out some of the worst mass shootings in recent years, from Parkland, Florida, in 2018 to Indianapolis in 2021, as well as the Buffalo and Uvalde massacres. Proponents of these measures argue that adult teens do not have brain development to safely own a gun and make rational decisions. Knight said his proposal was just a way to solve a much bigger problem. This is a proposal that has already been presented to the General Assembly, namely in 2013, when it was not voted on before the adjournment of the Assembly for the summer.

Now he hopes that the legislator will support him. Extreme risk protection orders are a little-used tool to prevent gun violence. That being said, /u/mrgilbert619 can still be fine – because fortunately, the RI doesn`t yet have an AWB like most northeastern states, so simply removing the VFG apparently makes it a “rifle”, as the clip of the pistol doesn`t matter under RI state law.